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My Mentor I Never Met

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So, like many, many designer/mac-maniacs I, too, was greatly saddened by the passing of Steve Jobs. You see, Steve was the mentor that I never got to meet and I somehow feel I am not alone on this one.. as you can see here. For me it went beyond the coolness of Apple, Mac, iPod, iPads etc. It was simply watching how enthusiastic this man was about what he was doing. Focused on his vision and passion for design and simplicity and to always improve and go beyond expectation. He helped take us all to wonderful places we never knew we wanted to go. But Steve knew. I admired him, albeit from afar, as he redefined American innovation, drive and the way we all are able to access the world. He placed it squarely, comfortably in the palm of our hands. He helped those of us in the field of communications better understand how to communicate, how to present. How to emote that thing inside of us that motivates us to create and improve on the world around us. Steve was great to watch. To listen to. To admire. I, for one, will greatly miss him.

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